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We offer you the personal attention you want to help manage your investments: 

  • Planning for Retirement
  • Building a Second Income
  • Increasing Your Capital

Planning for Retirement

Whether you are an employee or self-employed, planning a secure retirement has become your burden. We will help you choose the right vehicle (IRA, Keogh, 401k, 403b, etc.) and the right investments to fund your retirement plan.


Today, almost everyone is responsible for their own retirement. Few people stay with the same company until retirement. Most major employers have eliminated the traditional pension plan which guaranteed the employee a defined retirement income. 

In response, Congress created a bewildering variety of retirement plans with differing structures, advantages and disadvantages. Whether you are changing jobs and need to roll over your employee benefits, or establishing a new retirement plan, we can explain your choices and help you choose the most suitable plan for your purposes. 

Once you have established the appropriate retirement plan, we help you determine the best long-term investments that are suitable in your situation.We currently advise individuals holding over $40 million in retirement plan assets. Thus, we are experienced in helping many people plan a secure retirement.


Building a Second Income

Many of our clients live on the income from their investments. So, we cater to the income investor. We are prepared to offer you a wide selection of bonds, preferred stocks, REITS and common stocks which offer you a good current income.


Whether you aspire to be independently wealthy or whether you have already achieved that goal, we speak your language. You know that you need to protect your principal while earning a return that will support your life style. You know that you need to live on the income from your investments and avoid spending the principal. Yet, most people you meet talk on of "hot" stocks and their supposed profits in trading. We are accustomed to helping investors who want a solid dividend or interest return from securities which have stable values. Our clients have large investments in investment-grade tax-free municipal bonds, corporate bonds, and U.S. Treasury securities. Some clients seeking higher interest and dividends hold preferred stocks, REITs, and bonds with lower credit ratings.


We are pleased to help clients who buy bonds or other income securities and hold them for many years.


Increasing Your Capital

If your investment is for long term growth, we are pleased to recommend dynamic investments, world-wide, for capital appreciation. 

If you are investing for long-term growth we have the research resources to help you choose equities which have excellent prospects for long-term growth. Through our relationship with Wachovia Securities we have access to their research as well as the institutional research of Credit Suisse, Sanford Bernstein, Prudential Equity Group and Dorsey Wright.


We also subscribe to major financial advisory and statistical services so that we have current data in our office covering almost any major public company you want to investigate.


We are pleased both to support your investigation of investment opportunities and to offer our own recommendations for potential capital appreciation.