Links to Hard to Find Quotes

There are many sources of quotations for actively-traded stocks on the internet. Popular quote sites include: NASDAQ, Yahoo finance, and Google. 

Here are links to sources of hard-to-find quotes for securities such as inactive stocks, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and US Treasury Savings bonds.

  • Inactive stocks – Try the Pink Sheets (
    The Pink Sheets site offers both quotes on thousands of stocks which do not appear on the financial pages, plus news and company contact information which is hard to find elsewhere.


  • Taxable bonds –
    This site sponsored by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association has in-depth data about the bond markets; including corporate bonds, government bonds, mortgage-backed securities and municipal bonds.


  • Municipal bonds –
    Like corporate bonds, the transactions in municipal bonds are reported to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, which publishes them on its site. There are over 3 ½ million municipal issues outstanding. Thus, it may be hard to find any current trades on this system that match the municipal bonds you hold.


  • US Treasury Savings Bonds –
    US Treasury Savings Bonds and War Bonds are not marketable securities. Thus, they are not quoted by securities firms. But the Treasury redeems these securities directly or through banks valued according to formulas which are published on this site.